Hello, my name is Kenton Hamaluik! I program mostly as a hobby, though more and more for work as well. Sometimes I write about things too.

My main hobbyist interests lie in how games are created. As such, I have a great number of code repositories exploring different aspects of the entire game-creation pipeline and technologies, though almost nothing is complete as a shippable project (many are likely in currently broken states as well). Although it doesn't make sense from a getting-things-done standpoint, I really enjoy figuring out how things work, largely by trying to re-create them from scratch myself. For example, in the game creation world, this means creating my own game engine [largely] from scratch, creating my own asset file formats (including exporters and importers), writing my own shaders, as well as the entire rendering pipeline. I'm a big fan of strict, idealistic entity-component-systems, and have built a couple flavours of my own to varying degrees of success.

Aside from game creation, I also have a propensity for creating apps for my [and my family's] own personal use. These projects include things like: a Christmas gift-giving wishlist website, a webapp for managing storyboards online, a webapp for keeping track of spells in DnD, and Who is the Fuck Man? (among others).

I occasionally tinker in hardware, though tend towards software due to the cost of breaking hardware and storing all the miscellaneous components you tend to collect.

I'm happy to hear from people about the projects that I post, unfortunately I often don't have the time / energy / willpower to maintain, fix, or do things for you. Please don't be upset if I rebuff you!